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China Wok

China Wok

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Curry Dishes

Four Happiness consists of King Prawn, Chicken, Char Siu, Beef House Special consists of King Prawn, Chicken, Char Siu

Sweet & Sour Dishes

Sauce Separate

Egg Foo Yung Dishes

Chinese Scrambled Egg

Chop Suey Dishes

Mixed Vegetables

Fried Rice Dishes

Add Garlic 30p Extra

Chow Mein Dishes

Japanese Udon Noodles Satay Sauce

Crispy Noodles In Satay Sauce

Noodles Served Separate

Crispy Seaweed Dishes

Dry & Spicy

Crispy Salt & Pepper Dishes

Dry & Spicy

Crispy Spicy BBQ Dishes

Cantonese Sauce

Crispy Szechuan Dishes

Hot & Spicy

Crispy Curry, Gravy or Special Sauce Dishes

Crispy Thai Sweet Chilli

Spicy & Sweet

Roast Duck Dishes

Satay Sauce Dishes

Green Pepper & Black Bean Dishes

Leeks Black Beans Dishes

Chilli Garlic Dishes

Very, Very Hot

Szechuan Sauce Dishes

Kung Bo Dishes

Made with Chilli Sauce - Very Spicy

Ginger & Spring Onion

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce Dishes

King Prawn Dishes

Chicken - Beef or Vegetable Dishes

English Dishes & Omelettes

Including chips - Separate


Quick Meals

All in Large Container

Salt & Pepper Dishes



Set Meals