Pizza Home Esh Winning

Pizza Home Esh Winning

Sunday Lunch

Now Serving Every Sunday from 11am till 3pm


You Can Customize Any Of These Pizzas

Garlic Bread

Shawarma Chicken Wrap

Southern Fried Chicken


Served with chips and salad (lettuce, onion and tomato)



Charcoal Kebabs

All of our kebabs are freshly made to order Served with 2 pitta breads or 1 naan bread, chilli and garlic dips, chips or salad or rice


Served with chips OR salad inside the wrap and garlic dip.


Fresh Homemade Chicken Parmesan - Fillet of chicken breast cooked in breadcrumbs and served with fresh salad, chips and coleslaw

Starters and Sides

Jacket Potato

Served with fresh salad

Dips & Sauces

Kids Meals

Served up to 9pm